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Get Lucky

Deadwood Studios USAUnexploded Cow

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Get Lucky is the Kill Doctor Lucky card game, new in 2014. It's a familiar story with a new mechanic: fifteen crazed killers stalking an old man in his house, except without the board that represents the house! It's a quick-playing and strategic adaptation of the classic board game!

Deadwood Studios, USA is a beautiful new board game about bad actors on a Western backlot. Despite the "Cheapass Games" logo, this game comes with all the parts you need: dice, cards, boards, and counters, all of the highest possible quality. And this game really deserves the special treatment! It was nominated for an Origins Award back in the black-and-white days, and it's significantly better now.

The 2013 "Spring Three" are Fish Cook, Veritas, and Captain Treasure Boots. They were printed together, shipped together, and fit nicely on your game shelf together. Fish Cook and Veritas are brand new games, and Captain Treasure Boots is so deeply updated that it might as well be new. Read more and buy them all!

Unexploded Cow is a new edition of a Cheapass classic, filled with cows, bombs, and chaos. This one has full-color high-quality cards, nice heavy weight counters for money, and even a six-sided die. Read all about it, and then order a copy.

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Some of our best games are completely free. You can print, play, and even distribute our free games, as long as you don't change anything or charge money for them. Check them out!

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James Ernest has designed lots of games in his life, not just for Cheapass Games. Below is a list of all the games James Ernest has written, or worked on, with the "big guys." As a bonus, it also has some items that don't fit in any other category. Prepare to be surprised!

Other Publishers

If you are missing a rulebook from one of our older games, or you just like reding out-of-date rules, check out the offerings at the Boulevard of Broken Games

Boulevard of Broken Games

Six of our best games are now available from our print-on-demand partners at Drive Thru Cards. These are excellent high-quality cards, printed on sturdy card stock or Casino-grade playing card stock. Here are direct links to: Renfield, BRAWL (Bennett, Chris, Darwin, Hale, Morgan, Pearl), The Big Cheese, FALLING, Light Speed, and TimeLine

Drive Thru Cards

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